About flowerbed. earth’s musical activities in 2021

About flowerbed. earth’s musical activities in 2021

Hi there! My name is Midori. I play piano and sing in our band ” flowerbed. earth”.I know it’s late to say this, but Happy New Year!I look forward to continued goodwill in the coming year.
I guess the holidays have almost finished, and you’re setting yourself up for starting your work, or you’ve already begun your job and are tired after new year’s vacation.
About myself, I’ve just started to get ready for my work starting next week.

This new year, I just walked to the nearest shrine rather than going out for a bigger one and didn’t go on any long trip. But I enjoyed being lazy, reading books and articles, and watching cartoons with my children crying and laughing.And then, of course, I sang some songs and made a video for Instagram.I happened to make a new tune unexpectedly!
I didn’t do what I planned to do. (for example, like this writing) But I enjoyed doing things that I wanted to do each moment. That was a prosperous and happy holiday season!

Let’s get down to the main topic.About flowerbed. earth’s musical activities in 2021
We will start this year recording some songs.
We and our loving artist “Chiho Katsuyama” will collaborate by making a CD together!( Don’t worry! We’ll take care of 2nd album right after this!) 
The words of the song named” A Tiny Twinkling Starlet “ is written by her. (It’s in the 1st album at last)You can find it on the YouTube channel too. I think we did great work in the video in which her pictures and our music fuse perfectly. I love it! (^▽^)/ I hope all generation’s people will read it. 
And 2 more lyrics are written by her.“One world” ( You can find the previous recording on our YouTube Channel, and we’ve been recording a new version. )“Calling” ( The new song that we’ve been recording since last year. )We will make a mini album with these 3 songs.
She drew a beautiful and warm picture for the CD jacket!I want to put it on my desk to look at…We will not make many CDs, maybe like hundreds or so.So it’s going to be a special one! Don’t miss it.
We have a difficult time now, so we tend to be too insecure.However, I feel this as an exciting moment moving from the old world towards to new one. 
I don’t know how many years I can exist in this world…But, I decided to be creative as much as possible to show everything inside me, being honest but taking it easy!
We will come to see you when we can meet you looking eye to eye, touching each other, hugging each other and singing together!So please take care of yourself until then.

See you !